About us

The ARIADNA S.A. thread company is currently one of the largest thread manufacturers and exporters in Poland, and was established in 1897. The turning point in the modern history of our company was the transformation into a joint stock company on the 1st of March 1992. In 1995 the company was included in the group of 512 most promising companies and covered by the Mass Privatisation Programme. The majority of shares used to belong to Kazimierz Wielki VII NFI, but since 2008, ZPSCH i M PIOTROWICE has been the main shareholder of ARIADNA S.A.

ARIADNA is a modern factory which embodies experience, tradition and a specific manufacturing philosophy that has been attracting customers for many years. Due to our long tradition we feel obliged to maintain perfect quality and reliability as well as reinforce our reputation and brand name. Marketing management and a flexible response to customers’ needs is supported by our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 which guarantees world class quality products. Our threads are manufactured in accordance with modern and eco-friendly production technology and their usage safety has been confirmed by the certificate Oko-Tex Standard 100 for 1st class products. We are totally committed to building long-term relations with our customers. Close cooperation and attention given to customers’ expectations have become the inspiration for creativity, allowing us to react quickly to changing fashion trends. All the above helps make our range rich and diverse, and our threads have gained recognition on the domestic market and among a growing group of foreign customers.  

High quality Łódz threads have resulted in prestigious awards and distinctions, such as two Golden Medals at the Poznań International Fair, and a distinction in the competition PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2003 organized by the monthly “MEBLE PLUS.” We at ARIADNA have received many other awards and distinctions, for instance we have won the “FAIR PLAY COMPANY” award five times, and for its dynamic growth we have received the “GAZELA BIZNESU” (GAZELLE OF BUSINESS) in both 2003, 2004 and 2005. 

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